At Golden Pearl Cosmetics, we recognize the significance of hassle-free Returns and Replacements in the realm of online shopping. To ensure a smooth process while safeguarding against fraudulent activities, we’ve established certain conditions for eligibility under our Return and replacement policy:

1. Eligible Situations: Our Returns and Replacement policy is applicable when you receive damaged items or items that were mistakenly delivered.

2. Time frame for Claims: Please make sure to raise your claim within 12 hours of the delivery date. You can contact us at +971 42 58 8883 to initiate your claim. Claims submitted after this 12-hour window will not be accepted.

3. Product Condition: The item you’re claiming must remain unsealed, unopened, and unused, retaining its original packaging and condition.

4. Return Window: Replacement will be processed for claims only if the items are sent back to our warehouse within 7 days of the delivery date. Once we receive the return, our quality assurance team will assess the product’s condition before issuing a replacement.

5. Safe Packaging: It’s your responsibility to ensure that the items being returned are well-packed to prevent any damage during transit to our warehouse.

6. Preferred Replacement: We prioritize replacing the same product. We encourage sticking with the original choice. However, if you have a specific reason for requesting a different product, please provide detailed information when contacting our Customer Service team.

Reserved Rights Regarding Returns:

We retain the rights to define and restrict returns from customers in certain situations, including:

  • An unusual or excessive history of returns may indicate “wardrobing.”
  • An unusual or excessive history of returns involving damaged or missing items.
  • Suspected fraudulent or criminal activity.

At Golden Pearl Cosmetics, we strive to provide you with the best online shopping experience while ensuring the integrity of our Returns & Replacements process. Your satisfaction is our top priority.